Monday, February 27, 2006

Talking about Berlin

That is my 12th trip to Berlin.
Since 1997, religiously I’m in Berlin in February to attend Berlinale, the Berlin Film Festival (hard work) and perhaps that was the reason why I prefer Berlin in wintertime. It is frequent to see a cold, grey and windy city, sometime coloured by chocking orange old fashion building or light green of ultra modern one, the lights inside houses and shops, the yellow metro cutting the landscape, the over dressed people on its streets… the language.

I never considered Berlin a beautiful city, not at all, but Berlin share with Paris the status of my two favourites cities in the world. And the reason is simple: its people and especially its atmosphere. Berlin has a soul, I’m not sure if Berlin is male or female but it knows how to seduce me.

So many adventures, so many histories, so much fun, some hot scenes. Berlin is Culture, Berlin is Art, old and modern, men are handsome, people are open minded and assumed on their diversity. A cosmopolitan city, tolerant made for the 21st century.

I couldn’t choose another month to post Berlin. February is a good suggestion of when to visit it.

So, come on and let me share with you all this atmosphere, all this alive and kicking Berlin…