Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Brussels: area by area: The Upper Town – Musées Royaux de Beaux-Arts: Musée d’Art Moderne

This section houses works of art from the end of the 18th century up to the modern period: paintings, sculptures and drawings. It represents the logical continuation of the artistic evolution which starts in the Museum of Ancient Art. This particularity of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium contributes to their originality.

The collections from the 19th century are exhibited in the neoclassical building overlooking the place Royale (entrance to the Museum of Modern Art). The paintings and sculptures on display are arranged on a thematic and chronological basis and are spread over six floors or levels. Those of the 20th century are grouped together in the rooms which were opened in 1984. I
n part underground, these are arranged around a light shaft which gives the architectural structure a special identity.

The Modern Art section also includes the Antoine Wiertz and Constantin Meunier Museums, which are specially devoted to the work of those two artists who were key figures in Belgian art in the 19th century.


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